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 Welcome to Architecture Design Institute of Korea!

 Thank you for visiting our website. I am Seungman Baek from Yeungnam University. It is a privilege to serve our organization as the third president of ADIK.

 I am deeply grateful for the hard work of the presidents of the Architectural Design Faculty Association and of the ADIK, and the executives and members of the Institute for providing the foundation for society. Today, I feel deep gratitude and a sense of responsibility to give the presidential inauguration greeting.

 Our organization had started under the name of "the Architectural Design Faculty Association" in May 2002 and has grown into the Architectural Design Institue of Kore in May 2016. It opens exclusive exhibitions for members and various unique exhibition invitations and forums.  Moreover, periodical publishment events have continuously been recognized in the architecture industry of Korea. Our ADIK's design-oriented journals also present a new spectrum of journals and will be a vital driving force to systematically and continuously develop Korean architecture even under challenging processes.

 Today, Korea's rapid growth has reached the stage of an advanced country, showing global prominence in various fields. Following industrial products, K-POP contents and K-arts have already been globalized. The ability to cope with Corona 19, which the world is experiencing in recent years, is also attracting global attention. Besides, under the Framework Act on Building, which has been in effect since 2008, architectural development policies such as the Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy, the Architecture and Urban Research Institute, and the basic architectural policy plan have been very advanced at the world-class level.   Nevertheless, the Korean architecture culture and architects' culture is still in progress to enhance to another level. Accordingly, the Korean architecture industry has issues to improve in terms of practicality and its culture.

To this end, a new ADIK border group has newly established the AMPC(Architectural Museum Promotion Committee) and the FADC(Future Architecture Development Committee). The AMPC is rooted in the ADIK Architecture Gallery's experience under the slogan, "All events of the Institute of Architectural Design ensure that the results have the value to be archived for the development of Korean architecture." To do so, it will be composed of prominent architectural experts and will be in charge of tangible and intangible space planning and practical business advice. The FADC, composed of progressive architectural experts, will contribute to the Korean Architecture industry's development and proceed with radical architecture movement with discourses on public urban and architecture issues and debate, ultimately laying the foundation for global architecture development.

With 20 years of history, ADIK will engage the public in response to social - and urban issues, accomplishing an achievement of enhancing architecture culture. ADIK executives will cooperate with engaging social issues as well as globally outstanding in the global architecture industry. Last, the ADIK will always prepare for a better future of Korean architecture and strive to achieve our mission with integrity and honesty during the global crisis of Corona 19.


We look forward to your participation.



Architectural Design Institute of Korea

President Seungman Baek